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Love Spells or Death Spells

Just try this:

Keep your palm close to them.

In within a minute or two, you will feel a push.

That push is a "Ether" or "Chi" as Asians call it.

That the life force. The material energy. It is in everyone, and that is the key of all the spells.

Because when you learn how to touch the "Ether" or "Chi"
then you can use it for Love Spell or Death Spell.

And Hexgradior will show you how to practice and develop.

Of course, every craft requires practice.

Every religion that ever existed believed in magic. if you think about it, different religions can hardly agree on anything. They have been fighting and insulting each other for over two thousand years. Yet, somehow they all agree on existence of spirits and magic. They may label it as sin, but they all recognize that it is something real and present.

Bible talks about magic. Among other about Balaam the magician, witch of Endor and who can forget the lore of Moses who came before Pharaoh and turned his walking staff into a serpent, but then Pharaoh's priests and magicians did the same with their staffs and repeated a number of miracles that Moses performed.

Qur'an says that prophet Mohammed was almost killed by an evil spell put on him and if God himself didn't intervene through his angles he would have died.

Saint Cyprian was a magician before he converted to Christianity. He did so after he had cast a love spell on St. Justina - that was the last magic spell he used. He made no secret of that and things he saw during years of his practice.

It is a fact that no historian would deny. All through history, magic was present in all areas of the world. If magic is only a story - why does it appear in all religions on all continents in all countries all through history?

Because if you know how to do it - you can use magic on people and events and change lives. That is called magic. But not everyone knows how to do it.

Hexagradior - the way to learn magic

"Hexagradior - The Bible Of Magic" is centered around one main question - how to learn magic. Whether one needs it for love spells, death spells, prosperity or anything else - the starting point is to learn how it all works.

It contains the six steps process to learn magic. This sort of material was never before available publicly. You had to become a member of secret societies to gain access to such texts. That is why Hexagradior is different than most other books about magic.

Overall, the book has 220 pages, more than 50 of which are only rituals and spells. Some of the materials in the book have rarely and some never been published before. Among later ones is the Hexagradior text.

Many people with interest in magic and occult have heard about Hexagradior (sometimes also referred to as "Six steps"). It is said to make all spells work and turn anyone into a magician. Obviously, some rumors are exaggerated, but it is true that Hexagradior is different from other books about magic.

While most books simply quote spells and leave the reader to hope that they will work, insist on some religion, Hexagradior explains what some people feel instinctively - simply reciting words of a spell is not enough to make it work.

Hexagradior explains what makes magic work and how to "train" to achieve it.

That is what makes it so different. While grimoires usually suggest prayer and fasting so the magician becomes "worthy of divine help" and thus attain occult abilities, Hexagradior explains how to train and practice to get results.

So far everyone who tried the instructions from Hexagradior felt what people usually describe as "push" in their hands the very first day with experiences such as:

'Something was really pushing my palm, I didn't see anything but there was something there, and I felt it as real as this keyboard...'.

Another frequent feedback is what people describe as 'change of dreams'. Dreams just take on another feeling. Sometimes also realization that you are dreaming while in the dream and similar.
The push in hands that people often experience the very first time they try Hexagradior comes from something that Hexagradior calls "Ether" - the life force. The book continues from there decribing how to feel other objects and people even from distance and then, once you grasp their life force - influence them. In short - Hexagradior teaches magic. What one does with it is up to them.

"Ether" referred to in Hexagradior seems to be the same thing that is referred to as "Chi" in Japan and China, "Prana" or "Aura" in India and in ancient Egypt they called it "Ka". Interestingly, there are references describing ancient Egyptian priests/magicians doing something very similar. They held hands one above the other with facing palms, while the exercise described in Hexagradior suggests holding hands one next to the other with facing palms. One must admit - not much of a difference. It gets even more interesting. This is the ancient egyptian symbol for "Ka":

It shows hands held just as the Hexagradior suggests - hands apart, facing palms. That symbol is over two thousand years old. Anyone can google it - very interesting data comes up. In Ancient Egypt this "Ka" represented "Life force". And it doesn't stop there. Some private grimoires describe such exercises, and similar things even appear in Rosicrucian monographs. People learned magic through centuries using this method. These texts were never before available publicly. Only to select circles of people. Now it is available in Hexagradior.

Overall, the idea behind this book was to gather the best texts on magic into one single volume, so this book does not only contain the Hexagradior text. It is expanded with additional materials, some of which have been rarely and some never before published. It includes over 50 pages of spells and rituals, over 40 illustrations, details 7 scripts used in magic, and describes the content of over 20 most famous books about magic thus informing the reader what to expect in some widely quoted books and much more on over 200 pages (table of contents is available below in preview).

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